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The useful information for your stay in Anjou

Arrival hours are set between 5 and 7 p.m. and departures until 11 a.m.
You just need to call us the day before your arrival so that you can leave your pieces of baggage between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. on the first day of your reservation.

A NON-SMOKING residence

Our residence is non-smoking. You can smoke in the garden so long as you keep the place clean. Our canine friends are accepted against a supplement of 5 euros per day and per animal, providing that your pet is sociable and well-behaved.

The present general terms of sale are intended for reservations made for a stay at our holiday estate “Orangerie de la Touchardière”, in the locality of La Touchardière, 49430 DURTAL — FRANCE. They constitute the reservation contract between the proprietor, Monsieur Arnaud HEIM DE BALSAC and the client of a stay at our estate.

Article 1:

Duration of a stay: The client rents the entirety of the Orangerie, that is 8 rooms, for a set duration, and will not be able to claim any right to remain within the premises.

Article 2:

Prices: The prices shown on the website are the only contractual prices. In all cases, all taxes are included.

Article 3:

Validation of a reservation: Reservations can be performed by e-mail or by phone. The reservation is considered to be valid only once we receive an advance payment worth 50% of the total stay, including the reservation of extra services. This advance payment is banked as soon as we receive it and it is deducted from your bill at your arrival. The advance payment must be cashed under 5 working days at the most, running from the date the reservation is submitted.

The advance can be paid either:
– with a bank cheque (payable to);
– through a secure Internet payment;
– with a bank transfer.

Paying the advance signifies the present general terms of sale are accepted.

As soon as we receive the advance, you will be sent a good reception e-mail : it details the service(s) you have booked and is equivalent to a legally-valid contract.

If the reservation is made by phone, we pledge to confirm the good reception of the advance payment by phone or text message.

If the client asks for it, he/she can be sent a reservation contract by e-mail.

Article 4:

Cancellation by the client: All cancellations must be notified to the proprietor by postal or electronic mail.

If the cancellation occurs more than 30 days before the beginning of the stay, the client will be paid back his/her advance.

If the cancellation occurs less than 30 days to the beginning of the stay, the advance remains to the benefit of the proprietors, who reserve the right to demand the entire price of accommodation.

If the client does not turn up before 7 p.m. on the expected first day of the stay, the proprietors reserve the right to make use of their guestrooms. The advance remains to the benefit of the proprietors, who reserve the right to demand the entire price of accommodation

Should the stay be cut short, the price that corresponds to the cost of accommodation remains entirely to the benefit of the proprietors. Only the extra services that have been used will be payable to the proprietors.

Article 5:

Cancellation by the proprietors: If, before the beginning of the stay, the proprietors cancel the stay for reasons beyond their control, they must timely inform the client by phone or by e-mail. The client will be immediately refunded with the paid advance.

Article 6:

Arrival hours: The client must turn up on the day planned during the reservation and at the further detailed hours. Rooms are available from 3 p.m. Please inform us if you arrive after 7 p.m.. Arrivals after 10 p.m. are not accepted.

Article 7:

Departing hours: Rooms must be freed before 11 p.m.

Article 8:

Settling the accommodation bill: The stay’s total price is to be paid on the day of arrival, along with extra services. The bill can be paid either:
– In cash;
– With a bank cheque;
– By debit card.

Unplanned extra goods and services are to be paid at the end of the stay.

Article 9:

Tourist tax: The tourist tax is a local tax and is included in the price of a night. It is collected by the proprietor for the benefit of the local community and is later transferred to the Treasury.

Article 10:

Capacity: The reservation is set for a specific number of people. If, on the day of arrival, the number of clients is superior, the proprietors may refuse unexpected extra people. This refusal can absolutely not be considered as a modification or a breach of the contract on the proprietor’s initiative. This way, if the number of people who are leaving is superior to those who were refused, there can be no refund.

Article 11:

Pets: Only sociable and well-behaved dogs are allowed. Should the client fail to respect this clause, refusal from the guesthouse’s proprietors, of any animal and their owners cannot be taken as a modification or breach of contract on the proprietor’s initiative.

Article 12:

Manners and use of the place: All hosts are requested to respect minimal manners, so as to keep the place quiet and comfortable for its hosts. Besides, the Orangerie de la Touchardière is an entirely non-smoking area, except outdoors. We also ask you not to eat in the bedrooms.

The client pledges to abide by the rules of civility that are displayed in rooms and in the present general terms of sale.

Any disrespectful attitude may lead to the reservation being cancelled forthwith.

The client pledges to leave the rooms in perfect condition at the end of the stay and to declare and take the financial responsibility for any damage they might be liable for.

The children dwelling and moving around within the Orangerie de la Touchardière and the Domaine de la Touchardière are under the sole responsibility of their parents.

Article 13:

Access to the pool: To access the pool, it is necessary to bring bathing suits (boxer shorts are forbidden).

For hygiene reasons, people with skin diseases or wounds are not allowed into the pool.

It is forbidden to drink and bring a glass near the pool. In case of broken glass, the pool may require a complete drain, making it unavailable for 72 hours. You will be billed with the cost of emptying as well as the loss of income from further reservations being cancelled.

The proprietors remind their hosts that the pool has no surveillance system nor personnel. It is for the sole use of the proprietors’ relatives and of the people staying at the Orangerie de la Touchardière.

Children using the pool must be under the sole and entire watch of their parents. For children who cannot swim, wearing armbands is compulsory (these are not provided by the Orangerie de la Touchardière).

All users of the pool are advised to have a civil liability insurance for legal defence and appeal.

The proprietors accept no responsibility in case of accident or drowning.

Article 14:

Liability: The Orangerie de la Touchardière accepts no liability in case of loss, theft and / or damage or injury on goods or persons that are located on the property, whatever the cause.

Using the pool is at the user’s own risk.

Article 15:

In case of litigation and in the absence of a mutual agreement, the parties agree to submit all the disputes, with no exception, that could arise from the validity, interpretation or execution of the present convention, to the competent Court of the jurisdiction in which the Orangerie de la Touchardière is located.

Article 16:

Acceptance of the terms of sale: The present terms of sale can be modified at any moment without prior notice.

Acceptance and respect of these terms of sale are considered valid from the moment the advance payment is made.

Failing to abide by the general terms of sale and by the civility rules can be considered as a breach of contract from the client’s initiative. In case the client departs, no refund can be expected.

Article 17:

Digital freedoms: Pursuant to the Act of 6 January, 1978, you are entitled to access and amend your personal data. The Orangerie de la Touchardière takes the pledge not to share the information you gave to third-party businesses or institutions.

The present terms of sale can be modified at any moment without prior notice. Acceptance and respect of these general terms of sale are considered valid from the moment the advance payment is made.

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